Organic carnaroli rice


The king of Italian rices
Versatile and tasty. Carnaroli is considered the king of Italian rices. With a large grain and elongated, very compact and with a small central pearl. It has a high amylose content and offers the optimum balance between good liquid absorption capacity, low starch loss and resistance to cooking. Versatile, perfect for risottos, timbals, rice with sauces or salads. This product does not contain any transgenic ingredients. White rice: wash before so it grows grainy. 2 parts of water x 1 rice, 15 min. (broth) 20 min. (grainy). More elaborate: toast it before with some oil. Add 1 part of broth with the ingredients. Keep adding 2 more pieces of broth. Flutter at the end


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It may contain traces of gluten nuts, peanut, soybeans, sesame and milk and its derivatives.