Organic medium textured soy


Very good in vegetable protein.
Textured soy is textured vegetable protein, also known as soybean meat, are dehydrated pieces made from flour or soy concentrate, very rich in protein, with elasticity, tenderness and sucrosity due to its large absorbent power of sauces and juices. This product does not carry any genetically modified ingredient. Textured soy comes dry and dehydrated, it is necessary to undergo a hydration process. The best to moisturize is to use water and / or light liquids or very liquid sauces so that you can absorb very well all the necessary moisture. You will need a bit more than twice as much water as textured soy. We also recommend. Add soy sauce, vegetable broth or spices in the water you use to moisturize or boil it to give it a better flavor.

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Contains soy. It may contain traces of gluten, nuts, peanut, sesame and milk and its derivatives.