The pleasure of healthy cooking.

We add organic products to the diet and contribute to health and well-being.

Basic everyday food.

Good, healthy and varied eating.

We supply the very best in organic produce. We seek the best products, grown with the utmost care and respect for the environment. We bring you a wide range of authentic and great-tasting products for you to enjoy. High-quality products good for body and soul.

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Why eat ecoBASICS products?

Because they’re quality products. Time forms the basis of the natural development of our products; we take the time required to select them, you take your time to savour them.

All ecoBASICS organic food products are of certified quality and comply with the strictest standards
International Featured Standards

Our Higher Level certification guarantees our maximum responsibility and commitment to food safety.

European organic guarantee

The Green Leaf certification guarantees that a product complies with the standards and good practices of organic food.

AB Agriculture Biologique

Focused on the French market, the AB seal is the equivalent of the Green Leaf in France. It provides all the guarantees of an organic product.


The vast majority of our products are vegan. Without animal-based ingredients. With all the flavour and health for your enjoyment.


Chiefly focused on coffee and cocoa, UTZ strives to ensure sustainable agriculture and maintain natural resources.


The labels of the FAIRTRADE brand are symbols of the internationally acknowledged fair trade system.

Association of european coeliac societies

The only seal which encompasses the European-wide gluten-free standard. We offer a wide range of gluten-free products.

Catalan council of organic agricultural production

The CCPAE is the body responsible in the field of certifying and ensuring that all our processes comply with organic farming standards.

Rainforest Alliance

Its work is endorsed and appreciated by farm workers, forests, communities and wildlife around the world.

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