We are what we eat.

So yes, we are natural, organic and good, very good. Because we’ve been working for 10 years to bring organic and truly unique products to our customers. High-quality products with aromas and flavours which are also organic and ideal for a healthy diet.

Our values


It runs in our DNA, we’re respectful towards the planet, people and our processes, from the beginning to the end. From the farm to the plate.


Working together with farmers is the best way of building a fairer, more ecological and healthier world. 

Passion for our consumers

Offering what they want. Quality, variety and taste… we aim to move forward, providing new flavours and pleasure through food.


Responsibility and professionalism comprise the method we follow to supply the widest possible variety of organic products.


Not everything has been invented. We innovate in terms of products, formats and ready-meal recipes… we bring cultures closer to each other.


We are committed to everyone around us: workers, partners, producers, distributors and consumers.


The first step to start our journey. Everything we offer and make must be subject to quality.


There are as many tastes as there are colours. We adapt our product range to the tastes of each country.

What do we produce?

We’re very clear about it and we strive hard to do it: organic food as the basis for good nutrition. We want ecoBASICS to be the very best option for everyone seeking high-quality products, with organic certification and affordable prices. Geared towards a daily diet and the discovery of new flavours. We like to take care of ourselves, we like trying new things and we like eating well. We add organic products to the diet and contribute to health and well-being.

How do we do it?

It’s simple, we try to do things properly. Food is essential to us, so it must be very high on our list of priorities. Supermarket shelves are packed with products full of additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers, artificial flavourings and so on and so forth. It shouldn’t be so difficult to find good organic products at prices which aren’t so exorbitant. 

That’s what we fight for. We combine the good things of the past and those of the present. Products grown in the fields, resulting from a mixture of good soil, water, sun and care, as they always have been, together with the strict quality and analyses of today’s technologies.


ecoBASICS belongs to the B&N group, a company specializing in agriculture. We have extensive knowledge of rices, pulses, pastas, breads, cereals and so on.

B&N brands offer a wide range of options within organic and conventional farming.